Two gilrs are using the app "Invisible Places" in Frankfurt with their tablets.

Our App “Invisible Places”

Searching for Traces in Frankfurt

Frankfurt tells stories. Its urban space it marked by memorial sites, monuments, stumbling blocks and places of remembrance, all of which render the stories of the past visible. By contrast "Invisible Places" is a virtual tour guide complementing these visible places by means of invisible memories of history after 1945, the focus being on the narratives of migrants in Frankfurt.

screenshot from the mobile app "Invisible Places"
Searching for traces of migration in Frankfurt with the app "Invisible Places"

The app takes users in search of traces in Frankfurt. And there is a lot to be discovered: stories about Jewish football clubs in Zeilsheim, Greek fur traders in the main station district and Turkish restaurants in the East End of the city. "Invisible Places" shows where the memories of Jews coincide with the stories of the Greek, Spanish, Turkish and Italian communities, indicates the places where their everyday life was played out and explains how the city became a “city of diversity” after 1945.

Food, Love, Education, Work

Different thematic trails invite users to discover everyday stories at places that have so far been invisible and to illustrate them with new images. Via Instagram, users can upload their own photographs and stories into the app on the spot and then share them with other users.

Searching for Traces: alone or with others?

We offer workshops and guided tours to “Invisible Places”. Be it for a school class, a club, a youth group or an after-school group ... our workshop explore the unknown sides of Frankfurt and engage with the question of what diversity and community mean. Book your workshop now.

Anyone wishing to use the app on their own can discover “Invisible Places” themselves in their own neighbourhood or take the app with them on a walk around the city.

Free Download

“Invisible Places” is available for download free of charge at the Appstore or Playstore.

The “Invisible Places” app is a digital educational programme designed by the Jewish Museum Frankfurt and created in cooperation with the History Museum Frankfurt. „Invisible Places“ got funden by experimente#digital – a culture initiative of the aventis foundation, the Ursula Ströher Stiftung and museOn.