Memorial at the Frankfurt Grossmarkthalle (booked out)

Public guided tour in English

Mon 08/29/22 18:00 o'clock

Blick auf die Erinnerungsstätte an der Großmarkthalle Frankfurt; Foto: Norbert Miguletz
Blick auf die die früheren Gleisanlagen auf der Erinnerungsstätte an der Großmarkthalle Frankfurt. Foto: Norbert Miguletz © Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt

Event location: Großmarkthalle Memorial, Philipp-Holzmann-Weg, 60314 Frankfurt am Main

From 1941 to 1945, the Gestapo used the basement of the Grossmarkthalle as a collection point for Jews who were to be deported. Nearly 10,000 people were forcibly deported from here by train to ghettos, concentration and extermination camps and murdered. The memorial at the Grossmarkthalle, which is located on the grounds of the European Central Bank and parts of which are open to the public, refers to these events and the significance of the site. Here you can find more information about this place of remembrance.

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