Tour of the Jewish Ostend District - Late 19th Century to 1945

City District Tour

Koschere Metzgerei Albert Stern im Sandweg Frankfurt, 1950er-Jahre
Kosher butcher in the Frankfurt Ostend district in the 1950s.

In 1895, Frankfurt’s Ostend district had the highest percentage of Jewish residents of any district of Frankfurt – 45%. Many of them were immigrants from eastern Europe. Frankfurt’s largest synagogue was consecrated on Friedberger Anlage in 1907. There were social and religious institutions such as Torah schools, soup kitchens, hospitals, and kindergartens. The Ostend district was a place of refuge for Jewish people from the area around Frankfurt during the Nazi period. The wholesale market, or Großmarkthalle, served as the mass deportation center in 1941/1942. After the war, Jewish life slowly began to take root again in Ostend.

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