Displaced: Jewish experiences in post-war Europe

International Conference on January 17/18

Mon 01/17/22 10:00 o'clock

Demonstration in the Pöppendorf DP camp, 1947
From lager to lager till when?“ Demonstration in the Pöppendorf DP camp, 1947. Foto: Mémorial de la Shoah, Paris

Event location: Online event, YouTube, juedischesmuseumffm

For many people in Europe, the immediate post-war period was marked by violence, hunger, escape and expulsion. This was especially the case for the Jewish survivors of the Shoah, who returned to their former homes from concentration camps, hiding places and places of refuge in the Soviet Union. They often found that none of their pre-war possessions remained and that neighbors had become enemies. Most survivors therefore organized their onward journey, the most common new destination being the British Mandate for Palestine. Others chose to build new networks and communities and documented the Nazi crimes they had witnessed and expeienced. Their suffering became the starting point for the development of an international understanding of human rights, as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The conference addresses the Jewish experience of the European post-war period and reflects on its aftermath into the present. The (lack of) Justice given to the survivors during these years is of particular importance. 

Program flyer (PDF)

The conference will take place entirely digital. Most Panels, lectures and talks of the conference will be streamed live on the YouTube-channel of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt. Only the following talk sessions will be streamed exclusively on Zoom. Registration is possible via the following link: www.displaced.zentralratderjuden.de 

  • Monday — 17.01.20210.45 a.m.: Virtual exhibition tour, with Kata Bohus, University of Tromsö, and Erik Riedel, Jewish Museum Frankfurt
  • Tuesday — 18.01.2022 10.00 a.m.: Talk about memories and aftermath with Eva Szepesi (Frankfurt am Main); Moderation: Kata Bohus 
  • Tuesday — 18.01.2022 11.30 a.m.: Talk between Displaced and Be Placed - Generations in Conversation, with Nathalie Friedländer (Frankfurt am Main), Yuval Rozenberg (Frankfurt am Main), Sharon Ryba-Kahn (Berlin), David Weiner (Berlin); Moderation: Sabena Donath, Central Council of Jews in Germany (Frankfurt am Main)

A cooperation of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt with the Educational Department of the Central Council of Jews in Germany for the occasion of the exhibition "Our Courage: Jews in Europe 1945-48". Save appointment Access