Pessach Haggada aus Frankfurt, zu sehen im Museum Judengasse

Frankfurt Passover Haggada

Festive rules for the Seder evening

The Haggada (Hebrew for narrative) is a collection of Bible texts, religious poems, songs and ritual regulations for the Passover. The book is recited on the first two festive evenings during a ceremonial meal (seder), which symbolically celebrates the last meal of the Israelites before they left Egypt.

The earliest illustrated Haggadah manuscripts appeared in Western Europe in the 13th century, but the core of the text was already determined by Babylonian scholars in the 9th century.

This manuscript was written and illustrated by Jakob Michael May for his parents in 1731 based on the Haggadot printed in Amsterdam. The writer came from a distinguished family of court Jews from Innsbruck, who held high positions at court and in the Jewish communities in various cities in southern Germany in the 18th century.

The complete Haggadah is available on the website

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