Blick in die Ausstellung "Ostend - Blick in ein Jüdisches Viertel", die im Hochbunker an der Friedberger Anlage Frankfurt zu sehen ist

Bunker at Friedberger Anlage

One bunker, three exhibitions

Every spring, the above-ground bunker on Friedberger Anlage opens its heavy metal doors to interested visitors. On Sundays and by arrangement, visitors can then view the martial construction and the permanent exhibitions it houses. Reopening in 2019 is on April 28th.

East End. Taking a look into a Jewish Quarter

On of the exhibitions in the bunker is mounted by the Jewish Museum: “East End. Taking a look into a Jewish Quarter”. It highlights the Jewish history of the part of the city and also includes an English booklet.

Blick in die Ausstellung "Ostend - Blick in ein Jüdisches Viertel"

Synagogue on Friedberger Anlage

In 1907 the synagogue of the Israelitische Religionsgesellschaft (IR, Israelite Religious Society) was inaugurated on this site. The splendid building had 1,000 seats for men and 600 on the balcony for women and was thus Frankfurt’s largest synagogue. On the exterior were decorative elements typical of the Art Nouveau or Jugendstil of the time.

"Der Israelit", 29 August 1907 on occasion of the inauguration

"New motifs, new groupings everywhere, and nowhere is there any overloading, but always a feeling for the necessity and for solemn and ceremonial sublimity."

Destruction during the November pogroms

During the November program of 1938, Nazis also set fire to the synagogue on Friedberger Anlage. Shortly afterwards, the city administration had the building demolished. Within the framework of the so-called Führer’s Air Raid Protection Programme, the National Socialists then built a bunker above-ground on the foundations of the synagogue.

Hedwig Kracauer to Siegfried Kracauer, 10 November 1938

"We have just heard that the synagogue on Friedberger Anlage is on fire. This does nothing to improve our mood. Often I allow my imagination to wander aimlessly, but not even a wild imagination could come up with the kind of things that have happened in recent days."

Salomon Korn, chairman of the Jewish community in Frankfurt, once described the bunker as "a mark of violence, suffering and terror". And in fact it does look like a foreign body in the midst of its surroundings. During the last two years of the war, the civilian population sought shelter in that bunker against the Allied air attacks. The Jews who still were living in Frankfurt at that point in time were prohibited from entering the bunker.

A site of remembrance and learning since 1988

Ansicht aus der Ausstellung "Ostend. Blick in ein Jüdisches Viertel" mit einem Modell der Synagoge an der Friedberger Anlage Frankfurt
Ansicht aus der Ausstellung "Ostend. Blick in ein Jüdisches Viertel" mit einem Modell der Synagoge an der Friedberger Anlage Frankfurt. Foto: Norbert Miguletz © Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt

Since 1988, the 9th November Initiative has regarded it as its task to publicise this authentic commemorative site with its multifaceted implications. In 2004, in cooperation with the Jew Museum, the exhibition "Ostend - Blick in ein jüdisches Viertel" was installed in the bunker and since then has been accessible to the public under the auspices of the Initiative. The members of the Initiative have turned this space into a meaningful site of remembrance and learning through additional exhibitions, events, contemporary witness reports, readings, discussions and its own publications.

Until the National Socialist era, Frankfurt’s East End was a quarter populated by a large number of Jews. Various places and commemoration sites recall that history: the bunker on Friedberger Anlage; the memorial site at the Neue Börneplatz on the border to the eastern inner city; the memorial site opened at the Großmarkthalle in 2015; numerous so-called "stumbling block" on footpaths; plaques in front of former Jewish charitable institutions; various street names; and the memorial in front of the above-ground bunker built on the site of the former synagogue of the Israelite Religious Society.

Guided tours in the bunker

Every sunday, 11.30 there is a public guided tour through the exhibition "Ostend - View of a Jewish Quarter" in German.

You can also book individual guided tours through the exhibition "Ostend - View of a Jewish Quarter" in English: Tel. +49 69-212-74237.

Blick in die Ausstellung "Ostend - Blick in ein Jüdisches Viertel"

Bunker at Friedberger Anlage

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