Mission Statement

What we stand for

The Jewish Museum in Frankfurt am Main enables people to experience the diversity of Jewish culture throughout history and in the present. To this end, it collects, preserves and researches cultural assets and testimonies of Jewish life in Frankfurt. With its art and cultural history exhibitions, educational programmes and digital offerings, as well as its joy in experimental formats, the Jewish Museum Frankfurt aims to be a museum without walls.

Both of the Jewish Museum’s locations are of tremendous importance to the city’s Jewish history. The permanent exhibitions in Museum Judengasse and the Rothschild Palace underscore Frankfurt’s significance as a centre of European Jewish life from the Middle Ages until annihilation during the Shoah. The new beginning and the presence of Jewish life in Frankfurt are the starting point for these exhibitions.

Underlying the museum’s work is the conviction that the history of Jews in the diaspora was unique and that Jewish cultures are of central importance to European societies. The Jewish experience of discrimination and violence as well as its struggle for equality under law and social participation is now as current as ever. Against this background, we hope to stimulate intercultural understanding and self-reflection. We see our work as networked action in the digital as well as social space and aim our efforts at ensuring the further existence of open, enlightened and civilised societies in Europe in whose midst Jews want and can continue to live.