Mirjam Pressler. Writing her Fate

English-language Guided Tour of the new exhibition

Sun 07/21/24 11:30 o'clock

Mirjam Pressler. Schreiben ist Glück.
Mirjam Pressler. Schreiben ist Glück. Foto: Andrea Grosz

Event location: Jewish Museum Frankfurt, Bertha-Pappenheim-Platz 1, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Mirjam Pressler translated world-famous writings by Anne Frank, Amos Oz and Lizzie Doron into German. She dedicated her own novels to young people. Her books deal with Jewish history, stories of survival, fear, loneliness, disability and eating disorders. And yet courage and hope are strong motifs. During the guided tour of the exhibition Mirjam Pressler. Writing her Fate, you will not only get to know Mirjam Pressler's (1940-2019) work, but also her life, that was initially characterized by poverty, loneliness and violence. During the tour, you will find out how she then became an author of books for children and young people as well as a translator.

Participation is included in the museum admission fee. The number of participants for guided tours is limited. We ask that you register at: besuch.jmf@stadt-frankfurt.de. Participation is only possible after reconfirmation.

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